Sunday, June 04, 2006

Scouting Activities

These pictures will rekindle your memories during the scouting days.
1967 Scouting Camp: From left Phua Cheng Hong, Low Choon Foi, Chew Tian Sheng, Wan Lee Seng, Ong Siew Chuan, Tey Cheng Kang, ...Boon Koon, Ong Shu.
Scout band in Batu Pahat. 1967

Scout 'Pioneering', 'Camper' and 'Master Cook' test
1968 Scout Camp
Scout rally in Batu Pahat 1968
Annual school sports day march-past.

Community work, cleaning up the streets of Tangkak.
Building Guard Tower for exibition during JB Scout Rally, 1969.

Picture of the winning team for projects in JB.
Our 'Agung' scouts.
Night function at the Scouts and Guides training camp. 1970
Junior Scouts training camp 1970
Dancing the night away at the Scouts and Guides training camp 1970
The leaders will lead the way!

The female side of Choo Ngian Hee, you don't have to go to Bangkok to look for she-boys.
Trying to match the shortest Scout and the tallest Guide; certainly needed alot of coaching.
'Autography' session... wonder who was the star.
Sure there were better things to do than to quarrel on the fun-fill night...'cos there won't be another like this...ever...


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